Tools to Help Your Gain More Clients

By: Peter Boritz

Getting new customers is tough enough. To better survive this global economic recession you need to use all the tech tools you can. There’s a new generation of web site tools that can help you convert web site visitors into new clients.

Websites often encourage visitors to leave contact information so that a leasing broker can get in touch, but this often never happens. Leverage up anonymous web site traffic with help from Demandbase, located in San Francisco. They have a tool called Demandbase Stream, that uncovers information on your website visitors, helping salespeople follow up with a cold call, information, or sales pitch. The Demandbase Stream ticker tape runs along the top of a user's screen shows the last 25 visitors to a website. If the user clicks on a visitor, the software shows her the name and location of the company that the visitor comes from, details about the company, and information about the visitor.

Applications such as and Act already help staff track of existing customers and potential customers, but Demandbase Stream helps find new customers

Another company doing this is called web trends with an on-demand hosted format, Web Trends Analytics allows you to measure all aspects of your organization's online presence, from what pages and content they look at and the duration of the visit.

Knowing someone visited your website might validate the money you spent on that graphic designer, but won't win you a new client. Gathering data about the visitors is essential for spotting potential customers. These basic services are free with options for enhanced premium versions - well worth the additional fee.

To use the service, a company just has to embed a clip of code into pages on its site. The code can be pasted into every page or only at specific pages. This can be done either by your web or IT consultant.

Analysts at Forrester Research predict that services like these will be expanding providing powerful intelligence tools on web site visitors, and could reduce the cost of acquiring clients. They can also be effective in targeting a specific customer category such as retail, residential or office tenant.

By integrating these tools into your company web site you will add new dimension to your sales strategies.