RDM Demystifies National Building Measurement Methods

by Peter Boritz

In Real Estate no square foot is the same. When it comes to commercial property, everyone measures space differently, and depending on the measurement method used the same property will have different square footage calculations. RDM, the leading provider of building measurement solutions for over 25 years, recently has written a white paper demystifying the national building measurement methods.

It is vital for the commercial real estate industry to have accurate property measurements in order to ensure maximization of revenues, especially in the current uncertain market. RDM’s White Paper aims to provide the reader with valuable information on building measurement methods, such as BOMA, Modified BOMA, and REBNY, and where each is to be used and why. It discusses trends in distinct markets in the United States and the importance of having the appropriate property measurements portfolio-wide.

The more informed you are about the methods of building measurement the more aware you are of how to maximize your gains.