Working in the Clouds

Cloud Computing is a term which is being used more frequently in the technology world; however, in the business world, this term may be a bit confusing. What exactly is Cloud Computing and how can it help streamline your business and cut costs? Read on as RDM helps clear the cloud on Cloud Computing.

The term “Cloud Computing” is a metaphor for utilizing internet-based programs to access and store information and software. The idea of working “in the cloud” comes from the cloud drawing (see diagram) which is often used to depict computer networking diagrams.

Many businesses rely on physical servers which are responsible for storing documents, software and other company resources. These servers generally require a place to store them as well as an on-site IT employee who can perform any updates or maintenance. Cloud Computing shifts all of the computing tasks and storage from company computers and servers to remote systems across the internet, or virtual servers. This method eliminates the need for physical servers, allowing information and software to be accessible at any time, from any computer, by simply logging in via web browser.

Utilizing cloud services can be a great resource for your business and can even help your company save up to 40% when compared with having an on-site server. Most businesses need software programs which can be costly, especially if you may only utilize certain programs once or twice a month. Aside from storage, cloud servers also provide a range of software to clients who are able to access on a pay-per-use or subscription basis; eliminating the need to purchase programs.

Here are some of the other ways Cloud Computing can help your business:

• Quickly and inexpensively change software based on company needs
• Users can access systems regardless of location or device which is great for working from home or on the road.
• Information is more reliable as both information and software are stored on an off-site server.
• Cloud Computing providers are able to devote resources to solving important security issues that many customers cannot.
• Cloud computing applications are easier to maintain since they don't have to be installed on each user's computer. They are easier to support and to improve since the changes reach the clients instantly.
• Clients can track their software use and adjust their subscriptions which can help further reduce costs.
• Saves on IT costs as software is typically provided by a third-party and does not need to be purchased for one-time or infrequent tasks.

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