Tips to Keep Your Smartphone or Tablet Secure

You use your smartphone and/or tablet for just about everything from your entertainment to banking to work; however, your mobile devices are subject to the same types of security attacks and virus threats as your computer.  What are some of the things you can do to prevent an attack on your mobile device?

Secure your device.  Every mobile device (tablets included) has a screen lock feature that requires a code to be entered in order to wake the device from “sleep” mode.  Many people prefer not to enable this feature due to the inconvenience of having to enter a code every time they want to use the device.

Perform regular data back-ups.  Many people forget to regularly back up their devices however, the data on your phone or tablet changes quite frequently.  Get in the habit of performing weekly or even daily back-ups to ensure if anything does happen, your data is accessible.

Register with a remote service.  Just about every device has a remote service available for their operating system.  These remote services give the user the ability to lock, locate (using the device’s GPS) or erase data from a device if it is lost or stolen and therefore ensure your data remains in the right hands.

Get anti-virus software.  The smartphone and tablet device arena are changing everyday, and so are the threats to these devices.  Protecting your device with anti-virus software will help make sure your device has the ability to withstand the newest threats.  A simple Google search for “Device Anti-virus Software” will garner plenty of results and some are even free.  Here are some to check out:
•    Lookout Mobile Security
•    TrendMicro Mobile Security
•    McAfee WaveSecure
•    Norton Mobile Security