Forrester Predicts Tablet Takeover

In a recent report from Forrester Research, analyst Frank Gillett predicts tablets will become the primary computing device for millions of people around the world by 2016.

According to Gillett, tablets:
• Are very good for information consumption, an activity that many of us do a lot of.
• Are great tools for working as they are easy to use, have superior graphics, portability and all-day battery life.
• Provide a future for content creation apps as developers get used to building for touch-first interfaces, taking advantage of voice input, and adding motion gestures.

The report goes on to predict tablet sales to rise from 56 million (in 2011) to 375 million sold worldwide in 2016, with over 760 million tablets in use globally.

Forrester defines “tablets” as “Touch first slab computers that weigh less than 800 grams (1.75 pounds), have a 7- to 14-inch diagonal screen area, feature always-on operation, and 8-hour battery life… Many of the devices that are trying to be an ultra-thin laptop with a touch screen won’t qualify because of greater weight or shorter battery life.”

You can find the entire report here.

Here at RDM, we can already see that tablets are a great fit for the CRE and business industries.  With the explosion of tablet sales in recent years, tablets are changing just about every industry. Do you think we have already entered a post PC-era? Do you agree with the prediction from Forrester?