What to Expect in Tech this Fall

This weekend, while attending Labor Day BBQs or enjoying one last afternoon at the beach, we here at RDM would like to remind you that there is more to look forward to this fall than just cooler temperatures and the turning of the leaves.

Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft has been working on the successor to their Windows 7 operating system since 2009 and this fall consumers and business owners will finally be able to experience the brand new operating system; aptly named Windows 8.

Developed with mobile computing at the forefront, Windows 8 ditches the traditional Windows features like the Start button and Taskbar and replaces them with a tile-based start screen. Each tile represents an application and displays “live updates” for email, weather, messages and more; right on the tile. Other features of Windows 8 include faster boot times, integration with other Microsoft services such as Xbox and Skydrive as well as the ability to purchase apps via the new Windows Store.

Microsoft has also completed some housecleaning to their brand in anticipation of the release of the new operating system. Earlier this month they announced a redesign of the Microsoft logo which is more in-tune with their current offering of products and in July, announced a complete overhaul of their free email service; shifting it from Windows Live Hotmail to Outlook.com.

Several tablet and phone makers have already begun to jump on the Windows 8 bandwagon; with announcements from Dell, Samsung, HP and Lenovo introducing new “hybrid” tablets this fall. Microsoft also announced their own tablet device (Surface) which will arrive alongside the October Windows 8 release date. Smartphone devices running Windows Phone 8 software are also expected this fall with offerings from Nokia and Samsung.

When the leaves begin to turn, you can be sure it is time for another iPhone announcement. The company is infamous for debuting new iPhone products and updates in the fall and 2012 is no exception.

In 2011, we saw minor updates to the iPhone 4 with the iPhone 4S; however, many of the rumors surrounding the next iPhone speculate more notable enhancements to the design as well as the functionality of the next device. Various websites claim the next iPhone will have anything from larger screens to capabilities of 4G to near-field communication and more. Whatever it is, we will find out at the company’s September 12th announcement.

However, the announcements don’t end there, Apple is also rumored to be holding an October announcement wherein they will debut a smaller version of their popular tablet device; the iPad Mini. If correct, the iPad Mini will feature a 7-inch screen and be priced to compete with the likes of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is also expected to have an announcement this fall; however, while Apple may be decreasing the size of the iPad, Amazon may increase the size of their popular Kindle Fire tablet…to a full 10-inch tablet device. The popular e-retailer launched their original 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet last fall and received much success from it. While much isn’t known about the upcoming Kindle Fire 2, many speculate that the device will feature both a 7-inch and 10-inch model.

The company has plans to reveal the next device at their September 6th announcement and have already made sure to extinguish (no pun intended) all current inventory of both the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch.

However, if you can’t wait for the upcoming announcements from these companies, you can check out the Barnes and Noble line of Nook devices, which recently received substantial price cuts, or the newly-released Google Nexus 7 tablet. 

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