Historic Helmsley Building Lights Up NYC

Earlier this week, Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer and Monday Properties CEO Anthony Westreich unveiled New York City's newest lighted attraction; 230 Park Ave; aka The Helmsley Building.

The building's entire north facade, as well as the entire top of the building, are now bathed in colored light from new, computer-controlled LED lighting; which will both highlight the building architecture with static light or create a festive light display for holidays or special events.

The colors and brightness of each of the 700 fixtures can be manipulated independently and instantaneously; it’s also 71% more efficient than the previous roof fixtures, according to Monday Properties SVP of property management and operations Hani Salama. 

In 2010, after a more than $100 million renovation, 230 Park became the first pre-war office building in the Big Apple to earn Gold Leed status -- an internationally recognized designation for being an environmentally friendly building.