Why D.C.'s Rosslyn is the Place to Be

The RDM Business Development team was in Washington D.C. last week for Bisnow’s Future of Rosslyn event. The uniquely-formatted event combined a series of 8-minute talks by area CRE pros with live music.

Leading professionals from Monday Properties, The JBG Companies, Brookfield Office Properties, Rosslyn BID, Cardinal Bank, ASB Real Estate Investments, EagleBank and Penzance presented their views on the vision and redevelopment of Rosslyn’s future.


Mary-Claire Burick, Rosslyn BID President

Presented the five reasons why D.C.’s Rosslyn neighborhood is the place to be
1. Access – The Rosslyn neighborhood has five major roadways and three Metros nearby, Reagan Airport is 10 minutes away, as well as the biggest Capital Bikeshare in Arlington.
2. Outdoor activities
3. Center for global business with both startups and Fortune 500s planting roots.
4. Lots of retail
5. Flourishing arts and culture scene as well as a growing sense of community with 11,000 residents and 30,000 workers.

Andrew VanHorn, Principal of The JBG Companies

• JBG’s projects are helping Rosslyn become a spot that people don't just inhabit from 9 to 5.
• Some of their buildings include
   - The State Dept. building
   - Waterview
   - Sedona Slate apartment building
   - Rosslyn Gateway - a combo hotel, condo and office space
• With the highest concentration of Millennials residing in the R-B Corridor, JBG’s Central Place's 377 residential units and 25k SF of retail (to deliver in 2017) are about to turn what used to be a pedestrian-hostile environment on its side.

Robert Bellinger, President & CEO of ASB Real Estate Investments

• Likes to invest in urban markets that are fun, young, and “unsavory".
• Household income, metro use, number of 4 and 5 star office are all up 30 -80% in recent years.
• Important companies want to be where their employees want to be
• Says investors will not put money into suburban sprawl if you have to drive to get a sandwich
• The lost time equates to $30 per sf.
• Going to the suburbs is not cheaper
• Rosslyn needs to step up with retail options. They’ve come a long way but have a ways to go.
• Rossyln has a lack of places to go for lunch and nightlife – need these to attract Millennials.
• Studies show a high level of educated people are in Rosslyn which has a higher rate of bachelor’s degrees than major cities.

Timothy Helmig, President & CEO of Monday Properties

• Said his father-in-law started building in the area in the 50s and was able to gentrify the region.
• Regarding 1812 N Moore
   - Zoning ordinance allowed them to build.
   - Very quality building and there's always a flight to quality.
   - In talks with tenants to add a “white cloth” restaurant space
• 1401 Wilson Blvd. and 1400 Key Blvd. hope to get approval and start construction in 2016 and finish in 2020.
• 1501 Wilson, which has packed young professionals into its large space since opening a couple months ago; will welcome two additional retail tenants soon.