The Future of CRE Portfolio Management Is Online

Time limitations, local restrictions, and unnecessary software backups have become the main sources of increased cost of management in the commercial real estate industry. To put it simply: inefficiency is the driving force of lost opportunities and forgone business. How can commercial real estate companies avoid this?

Those facing expanding global communication requirements in a fast-paced environment, crammed with information-hungry, ambitious individuals ready to increase the potential of their companies, now have a usable solution: web-based applications. Other industries have been quick to adapt online platforms so users can access and share information easily; now, the industry is coming to recognize that arming brokers and managers with constant access to plan books, contracts, and other material makes them more efficient. Web-based applications like RDM’s RealAccess™ make enterprise data available online, safely and securely.

Since we were first introduced to Web 2.0 concepts in 2004, using internet as a platform for business has surged, becoming the norm in more and more divisions of business.

Even still, nowadays the CRE industry has a comically large amount of physical documentation and a continuously growing and changing network of clients; web-based technology that organizes these volumes of legacy data is an asset, not a burden, to busy portfolio managers.

RealAccess™ is the perfect solution to those seeking sleek, cost-effective upgrades to their portfolio management tactics. It is an innovative web-based solution that will tackle traditional portfolio management shortcomings like the downtime between when professionals need property information and when they get it. There is no software to install or concerns about disk space or file back-up. RealAccess™ application stores data on a server, automatically upgrades with new features, and is accessible from any PC or mobile device with a browser. This greatly saves time, makes work in a team-related setting much easier, and allows for maximum efficiency optimization.

Expedient technological inventions are a direct cause of exponential growth in business progress. Why make your business more difficult when you can make it much simpler and more economical? Utilizing tools that are at your fingertips allows you to stay on top of the game, exceeding your competitors and attaining leadership positions.