Greener: it’s a win-win game

by Kasia Janczura

Our world has just recently been hit with a wave of green initiatives, but many individuals have been focusing on environmentally friendly behavior for far longer. Take IKEA for example. They have a strict policy of charging their customers for using plastic bags. Take any European store for that matter. Walking into stores expecting plastic bags is not the common trend that became the norm in the states. Being environmentally-conscious, or as we call it, following “Green” trends, not only makes the planet healthier, it also decreases costs for companies (no bags, less to spend on equipment.)

We must stress the importance of socially responsible business operations. It will promote the formation of a positive image of the Real Estate Industry, while providing for the greater good of the society. We must grow our businesses in environmentally and socially responsible measures. Progress towards a “greener” business structure is still needed, and we must not elude this transformation, but embrace it.

RDM strives to be a greener business every day. We depend more on electronic documentation storage and correspondence, using less paper for printing. When at all possible, we use recycled and scrap paper for printing. In addition, we recycle, use reusable grocery bags when shopping for office supplies, save energy by turning off all our electronics when not in office, and have equipped our kitchen with reusable silverware and dishes, not to rely on wasteful Styrofoam cups and paper plates. We are bettering our environment while decreasing our operational costs.

We encourage our clients in green practices as well. RDM’s newly developed product, RealAccess™ will help our clients do just that.

It is a common conception that becoming greener is coupled with less comfort, a notion in need of immediate correction:>

RDM’s RealAccess™ maximizes efficiency in resource utilization and implementation by eliminating unnecessary tasks that are replaced with its single portal feature. It’s a one-stop for all portfolio needs: client service, advertisement and marketing, property updates and information, filing, and more.

There is no waste accumulation, no excessive energy usage, no unnecessary printing, and, most importantly, no extra cost (rather the opposite, companies become more cost-efficient). In addition to promoting Green measures,RealAccess™ facilitates and expedites transmissions, communication, and organization within a company. It is fast, easy, and affordable, while efficient, good for the environment and well perceived by the public.

Becoming more environmentally conscious and cost-effective will allow for real estate businesses to maximize their profit while promoting an eco-friendly vibe to their businesses. Going green is a way of life which, sooner or later will be mandatory. There is still chance for the Real Estate Industry to implement changes while in the introductory phase of the transformation from the old to the “green” strategies. We just have to make sure that it’s not last to do so.