RDM’s Peter Boritz Hosts Real Estate Talk Show

Peter Boritz, CEO of Real Data Management, now has a dual role in the Commercial Real Estate scene - hosting a new online radio show about the intersection between commercial real estate and technology.

Real Tech, which airs digitally on Commercial Property Executive, will cover emerging technology, trends, and figures in the commercial real estate industry. 

This week, Boritz gave accolades to Google’s Desktop Search feature, which he said is a boon for busy real estate executives. “Desktop makes searching on your own computer as easy as searching on the web,” Boritz said, adding that it is able to search keywords across all file types: e-mail, text files, databases, music, video, photos, web history. “It frees you up from having to manually organize your files,” he said.

Future posts will detail trends in social networking, web technologies, platforms, and mobility as they relate to the real estate field. Boritz explained his approach to hosting the segments: “There are many choices and challenges that need to be made when dealing with new technology because of to the vast amount of choices at your fingertips. The best way to handle this is determining your needs and goals. Ask yourself what you want to get out of an investment in technology.”