Work in the Clouds this Holiday Season

No matter where you are planning on spending the holidays, you can still be productive simply using your smartphone and the right apps. Here are some feature-packed cloud-computing apps to help you access your files and be productive while on the road this holiday season: (Free & Paid Subscription) is a simple to use content management app that allows for safe and secure storage
of documents, media and even online content. Aside from storing your files, also integrates with Google Apps, and Salesforce as well as gives users the ability to create “workspaces” to share projects, add comments and assign tasks.

Dropbox (Free & Paid Subscription)
Dropbox is a service that allows you to back-up, share and sync files with other users. The software looks and acts like a regular folder on your computer, however, everything which is added to that folder is automatically backed up to Dropbox’s cloud, making items available instantly from different computers and devices.
EverNote (Free & Paid Subscription)
Evernote allows users to capture their ideas by writing, taking photos, saving webpage clips or even audio files which are automatically synced for availability on the web and devices. The services automatically indexes items so everything in your Evernote profile is organized and searchable; including handwritten notes and text within images.

Google Mobile Apps (Free)
Google Mobile Apps includes versions of G
mail, Calendar, Docs, Reader and more. The apps allow you to receive, edit, and send e-mails and docs, catch up on your subscribed blogs, and even sync calendars.

Your smarphone’s camera can als
o be a helpful tool to stay productive this holiday season, and not just for taking holiday photos. The following apps turn your smartphone into a portable scanner, by simply taking a picture!

Scanner Pro (Paid App for iPhone)
Scanner Pro is designed to help the business professional on the go by giving you the ability to take photos of documents, business cards, notes, whiteboards, etc. and send via email or upload to cloud services. Scanner Pro enhances image quality, has the option of scanning multiple documents and allows for cropping and PDF creation right from the phone.

Business Card Reader (Paid App for iPhone)
Business Card Reader reads the text on business cards (after taking a photo of them) and imports the information into your phone’s address book, eliminating the need to carry around business cards.

You can visit the links provided above to see which apps are available for your specific smartphone model/operating system to help you stay productive and stay in touch while away from the office this holiday season.