Understanding Building Re-Measurement

As a leading authority on building measurement methods, RDM has played a critical role in helping investors complete some of the biggest real estate transactions, and continues to serve as a valuable resource for the commercial real estate community.

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Whether it is a footage dispute in an existing property or due diligence that is required prior to acquiring a building, we provides understanding on how buildings get measured and a full platform of solutions for landlords, brokers and property managers.

For new investors, RDM’s Due Diligence report allows buyers and sellers to get a better understanding of the existing square footage conditions, the efficiency of each floor plate, the potential R.O.I. of the property as a whole and includes:

• Area analysis to better comprehend existing usable footages and loss factors
• Projections report depicting target rentable footages, potential growth and R.O.I.
• Building reconciliation on rentable areas to validate PROFORMA
• Creation or validation of floor plans to support marketing, management and leasing efforts
• FAR studies to determine existing air rights
• Efficiency report, a descriptive breakdown on how efficient a property is floor by floor

For more information on how RDM can help you with your building re-measurement needs, visit our website.