What Our Clients Say: Jack Resnick and Sons

Jack Resnick and Sons' Derek Jones says; 

RealAccessTM Commercial is GREAT!

To date, I have not found a product that can rival what RDM offers. Thank you for great service!"

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About Jack Resnick and Sons
Jack Resnick and Sons, a New York based organization with primary holdings in New York City is a premier owner, builder and manager of more than five million square feet of commercial space from New York to San Francisco. Their properties also include thousands of luxury apartments in New York's finest neighborhoods. For more, visit www.resnicknyc.com.

About RealAccessTM Commercial
RealAccessTM Commercial places Your Building in the Cloud with a suite of tools designed to help owners, agents and management companies market, manage and lease their spaces.  With time saving features such as our exclusive Interactive Floor Plan which allows for viewing DXF files without AutoCad, stacking plans which can be exported into Excel and real-time updates from major accounting systems -  RealAccessTM Commercial puts your entire portfolio at your fingertips.