Highlights from the Hotel Fire Safety Event

Last week RDM hosted a Hotel Fire Safety & Networking Event. Managers from such hotels as the W, Hilton, and St. Regis attended to learn about the new FDNY Hotel Fire Safety Plan requirements that went into effect in January 2011 and the proper practices for maintaining a Hotel FSP moving forward. Presenters included Captain Joseph Evangelista of the Emergency Planning and Preparedness Group at the FDNY, Adonis Taylor of Real Data Management, Bill Morelli of Homeland Safety, and Danny Robertson of TRG. 

Attendees were provided with a wealth of information some which we’ve highlighted below:

- The Building Information Card is one of the most important components of the Fire Safety Plan. This will be the first item that the FDNY will ask for when entering the building during an emergency. If you do not have one, this is a sign that your Fire Safety Plan is not compliant with current FDNY requirements.

- A fire safety brigade is generally 4-5 individuals. It is necessary to have a brigade in place 24/7. The FDNY will allow certain hotels exemption from this rule only if they can demonstrate good reason.

- Hotels need to have procedures for identifying and evacuating people with special needs. If such procedures are not in place LITIGATION could arise as a result of an improperly handled emergency situation.

- Floor plans have to be submitted to the FDNY on a CD in dwg or dwf format. PDF or handwritten files will not be considered.

- The FDNY currently has a list of over 200 NYC hotels that it plans to evaluate on Fire Safety this year.

- Even though the FDNY provides a grace period to clear up a violation, it’s unfortunately not always a quick and simple process. Generally it will take longer than 90 days. It’s therefore better to be proactive rather than reactive.

For a copy of the event presentation, please contact Blake Grosch at RDM.  For more information on Fire Safety Plans, visit EAPnyc.com.

As a market leader, RDM has completed over 300 Fire Safety floor plans in the Commercial and Hotel Sectors in NY and DC. We work in conjunction with hotel representatives and fire safety consultants to create floor plans and riser diagram components of the Fire Safety plan.