What's New About New iPad?

Image Source: Apple.com
Last Wednesday, Apple unveiled the next iteration of the iPad and its moderate list of new enhancements. With the official launch of what the tech giant simply calls “new iPad” just hours away, we’ve assembled a list of the good and the bad that can be expected from this new device. 

The Good
 - The biggest feature of the new iPad is the Retina display, which provides the sharpest screen resolution on any mobile device available today. Apple has stated that it has packed 3.1 million pixels (1 million more than on a high-definition TV). The new iPad is also the first tablet that can play HD videos in their full resolution.

- For data, the new iPad (with cell network) comes with 4G LTE capability through Verizon and AT&T. This means that downloads and web page loading will be quicker and videos will play without buffering. The Verizon iPad also has the ability to tether, allowing your iPad to serve as a wireless hot spot for other devices.

- Best of all, with all of these enhancements, Apple managed to keep the battery life of the iPad the same as the iPad 2; up to 10 hours on a single charge. They did this by developing components which use less power and incorporating a larger battery. A larger battery does mean the new iPad is thicker and heavier than iPad 2; one millimeter thicker and 1.8 ounces heavier to be exact.

- The price of the new iPad is the same as the iPad 2; starting at $500 for the 16GB WiFi-only model. If you can’t wait for the new iPad to be available, you can pick up an iPad 2 for $100 less.

The Bad
- Siri, Apple’s voice-recognition assistant introduced last year on the iPhone 4S, will not be included on the new iPad. It does have the ability to convert text to speech via a microphone button on the on-screen keyboard; however, the ability to set alarms, send text messages, look up calendar appointments and grab facts from the web just by asking out loud will not be available at launch.

- While the retina display will make photos and videos look amazing, most apps available in the App Store have not been rewritten for the enhanced display.

- Apps which have been enhanced for the new retina display will also consume two to three times as much storage space on the non-expandable storage available in the new iPad. Since apps are usually written as a single version for all iPad models, the higher-resolution apps will still take up extra storage space on the previous versions of iPad, as well as on iPhones and iPod touch devices.

- Apple did include a 5-megapixel back camera that takes better photos than the iPad 2 did, but at 5-megapixels, the new iPad is not going to be very useful for taking photos. However, you can capture 1080p hi-def videos and it has a stabilization feature.

Although this version of the iPad didn’t introduce a slew of spectacular new features or even a new body style, it did add enhanced screen, battery and cell technologies to make an already wildly popular device even more desirable
Information source: New York Times