Data Centers, What Does This Mean to your Business?

Creating and maintaining your own Data Center is not only costly but also requires highly skilled individuals to constantly monitor each server. When buying into the idea of a “Cloud Based Data Center” remember that you’ll become just another plug in its infinite outlets. As such outsourcing is probably the best option as you will not have to pay for construction of a properly air conditioned data center or hire a skilled tech team.
These are some key factors that we think you should consider before selecting a company to manage your “cloud based” activities:

Security - Companies that host data centers should have substantial security measures to protect your information. Most of which you probably won’t understand. It’s important though that these companies disperse their data centers throughout many locations in order to spread your information to mitigate the risk to power outages or natural disasters in a single area.

Support Team - Now that you’re using a “Cloud Based Data Center” you should have a dedicated team to monitor and control your network and usage. This team should be proactive in pointing out risks that could cause possible issues down the line and methods to alter the course.

In today’s age businesses often outsource, so this is no different. Data centers hosted by another company will allow you to operate seamlessly without dealing with potential “tech” issues as well as additional space, power, and employee needs. Of course we suggest making your choice wisely as not all data center companies operate the same. You therefore want to make sure their goals align with your business needs.

This post written by RDM's Director of Software Development; Corey Carter.