Eliminate Errors and Streamline Your Data with Real Access Commercial

RDM’s RealAccessTM Commercial imports your property data directly from Yardi, MRI, Timberline, Skyline and IBS accounting systems. This integration automatically updates your property’s floor plans, stacking diagrams and occupancy information in real time; eliminating the need to enter data twice.

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Corey Carter, RDM’s Director of Software, explains this feature of Real Access Commercial:

“Real Access’ ability to connect with an organization’s accounting system allows the user to obtain the most up-to-date information stored for each tenant; making it easier to manage and track lease information, square footage reports and billing information. Streamlining this process to connect with other systems provides an additional layer of accuracy and eliminates errors which can occur from manual data entry. We have had great feedback with this feature from current users and plan to expand its capabilities in future updates.”

RealAccessTM Commercial places Your Building in the Cloud with a suite of tools designed to help owners, agents and management companies market, manage and lease their spaces. With time saving features such as our exclusive Interactive Floor Plan which allows for viewing DXF files without AutoCad, stacking plans which can be exported into Excel and real-time updates from major accounting systems - RealAccessTM Commercial puts your entire portfolio at your fingertips.

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