Tips to Improve Your Email Campaigns in the New Year

Are email campaigns part of your marketing agenda for the new year?

A successful email campaign is a necessary component to any organization’s marketing agenda; however, many fail to utilize this tool effectively. The result can be the difference between getting your product or service sent directly to a potential client’s email or simply discarded as junk mail.

Here are some simple suggestions to make the most of your email marketing this year:

Tailor Your Campaigns
Don’t rely on a “one-size-fits-all” method for email campaigns. Before you begin to create your campaign, you should first decide what the message you want to get across is, and what segmentation of your contact list you want it to reach.
If you feel you have something which is worthy of your entire contact list, start over. It is better to have multiple campaigns with a targeted message than a single campaign with a generic message.

Make Your Call-To-Action Clear
What do you want this particular contact to do after they are done reading your email? Is it go to a particular page on your website or fill out a form? Whatever it may be, make sure the actionable item is visually different from the rest of the email; either with a different font, size or color.
You may also be enticed to include other items such as social media links, products on your website or even your company’s recent YouTube video; however, doing so will only serve to distract from your Call-To-Action. Stick to one action item per email campaign.

Keep Your Subject Simple
Subject lines should be short in length while creating interest for the recipient to want to open the email. Remember, if your email makes it past the spam filter to a recipient’s inbox, the last thing you want is to have it end up in the trash because of your subject line.
Look at news websites for inspiration. Scan the headlines and consider about what it is that makes you click on certain articles while disregarding others.

Stick to a Schedule
Sending email campaigns too often may put your organization at risk of being flagged by spam filters. If a recipient feels you are sending too many campaigns, you also risk being unsubscribed; preventing all future campaigns from being sent to him/her. You can avoid this by creating a communications calendar which outlines days/times email campaigns go out and which group they go to. Typically, it is best to send out no more than 2 campaigns per group per month.

Make It Mobile
Creating a mobile-friendly, or responsive, version of your email guarantees recipients can view it away from their office. Your recipient may not have time to read your company newsletter at work, but may be willing to do so while on the train home.
When creating your campaign, be sure to select a template that supports mobile devices.

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