CRE's New Technology Focus

RDM’s “From the Experts” series provides insights on the topics which are affecting the Commercial Real Estate industry.  Here, RDM’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Blake Grosch discusses the importance of technology in CRE.

Now that we are three months into 2013, are there any trends that you’ve seen emerging?

We continue to see the integration of technology in real estate, particularly on the leasing and management side, which has traditionally been slow to adopt new technology. However, we’re now seeing more facets of our industry embrace technology, more specifically, cloud and standardization applications that allow information to be centralized and easily accessible from anywhere.

Storm preparedness is still fresh on everyone’s mind as well.  Hurricane Sandy left many building owners and managers looking for ways to improve how the buildings within their portfolios handle weather and, in the event of a complete shutdown of the city, ways to access their property information and important documents away from the office.

How is RDM helping their clients embrace these new technology trends?

The RDM Platform provides many solutions for property owners and brokers to take advantage of new technology, such as cloud computing.  A major part of our implementation of such services for our clients is our on-site training and detailed guides.  We also recently included a Live Chat feature in our Real Access software so clients can contact us with their questions from within the application.  In short, our clients aren’t alone when it comes to embracing these new technologies.

In regards to storm preparedness, our Emergency Action and Fire Safety Plans integrate building assessments, floor layouts and mapped out egress evacuation routes, to put landlords in a proactive position in the event of an emergency.  Along with providing clients with hard copies of these plans, we also store them in our cloud storage platform, RDM Docs, so emergency responders can access them in the event hard copies are not able.

As we progress further into 2013, we are working on developing additional software applications and service features that will put real estate professionals in an even better position for leasing, fire safety, and management activities.