RDM Introduces New Features to RealAccess Commercial

RealAccess Commercial, our cloud-based space management tool, has recently been updated with new features to give you an even better way to Market, Manage and Lease.

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• Stack Archive gives you stacking diagrams from previous years. *based on lease history.

• New View: Now view stack diagrams by "Lease End Year"

• Enhanced Viewing of stacking diagrams on smartphone and tablet devices.


• Customize your stack to show the information you want to see with the Display Options panel.

• Printing is easy! Your customized stacks scale to fit on a single sheet of paper.

• You can also save your customized settings as your default view in RealAccess!


• New calculations: Now you can see the RSF and LSF calculations right from the dashboard.

• Vacant units are now displayed in their own column on the dashboard.

See how much your building can grow with the Growth Potential column.

RealAccess Commercial places Your Building in the Cloud with a suite of tools designed to help owners, agents and management companies market, manage and lease their spaces.  With time saving features such as our exclusive Interactive Stack which allows for viewing DXF files without AutoCad, stacking plans which can be exported into Excel and real-time updates from major accounting systems - RealAccessTM Commercial puts your entire portfolio at your fingertips.