RDM Profiled by Investors Beat

The online news magazine for real estate investors, Investors Beat, recently profiled Real Data Management as part of their Real Tech spotlight; highlighting new technology for the real estate industry and the innovative companies who are making it possible.

The profile (below) discussed the features of our cloud-based space management application, RealAccess, and its features which help real estate owners, landlords and investors efficiently market, manage and lease spaces.

Data Management at your Fingertips with RDM

Becoming a successful real estate investor requires tracking and managing a lot of information and since the real estate industry has a history of “old school” operational methods, this is not always an easy task. A common challenge is waiting for information. In order to compete in today’s global 24/7 economy, you need to be able to access accurate information, fast.

Real Data Management (RDM) is a platform that provides investors, landlords, brokers and managers a variety of services and software including Real Access; a cloud-based management suite designed to help property owners market, manage and lease spaces across their portfolio.

Vice President of RDM, Blake Grosch says, “Working with some of the largest names in the real estate industry helped us understand the challenges real estate professionals were faced with in regards to managing and tracking information.”

Former real estate broker and RDM’s CEO, Peter Boritz, came up with the idea for creating a “centralized hub” where property owners could see all of their portfolio’s information in an easy to use, always-available dashboard.

Available for both commercial and residential buildings, Blake says, “This platform is unique in that it places everything a property owner needs to be more efficient, alleviate emergencies and manage real-time data in a single location.” Some of the features include:

• Interactive floor plan.
• Stack Generator which exports stacking plans into Excel and real-time updates from major accounting systems.
• Property Plan Book with area calculations, leasing reports, color-coded stacking diagrams and floor plans.
• Marketing services that create Marketing Rental Plans or customized campaigns to draw attention to your property.

These features allow investors to view their entire portfolio at their fingertips and can also help to manage, market and lease a property while saving time and increasing their ROI.
Launched in 2008, the platform currently covers 3,000 buildings and 1 billion square feet of real estate. Blake says, “The US market has 800,000 buildings and 12 billion square feet – it’s a big market and we plan to expand the use of this product on the service side of our business.”