Save Time with Stack Generator™ in RealAccess™ Commercial

Real Data Management (RDM) announces the addition of the Stack Generator™ feature to their cloud-based portfolio management application, RealAccess™ Commercial.

This latest addition to RealAccess™ provides a representative stacking diagram for a commercial building with multiple viewing options: color-coded by lease expiration, lease end year or vacancy, or without color. Users also will have the capability to edit and modify information that appears on the stack, such as tenant names, lease expirations and lease options.  In addition, the built-in calendar option allows users to view occupancy in a building on a certain future date. Stacks are then able to be saved in PDF format, printed directly from the application or exported to Microsoft Excel.

“The Stack Generator™ feature gives you the ability to customize building stacks based on your needs.” said RDM’s Software Director, Corey Carter. “The ability to export saves users countless hours of time by not having to enter the same information twice."

RealAccess™ Commercial places your building in the cloud with a suite of tools designed to help owners, agents and management companies market, manage and lease their spaces.  With time saving features such as the exclusive Interactive Floor Plan which allows for viewing DXF files without AutoCad, stacking plans which can be exported into Excel and real-time updates from major accounting systems - RealAccess™ Commercial puts your entire portfolio at your fingertips.